Maine College Circle Empowering the next generation of Maine . . . through aspirations, education, and effort.

Bob Stuart, Program Director

Bob Stuart grew up on the coast of Maine, inspired by the ocean and boats . . . and, of course, by the dream of being a star in the NFL. Despite being the starting quarterback on his junior high football team, that phone call never came.

After graduating from Bowdoin College in 1977, he became a teacher, coach, and administrator at secondary schools in Colorado, Texas, and Maine. He earned a master's degree in education from Harvard. He later worked at Bowdoin College in student affairs, headed education and training efforts worldwide at Grinnell Corporation and Tyco International, and started a long career as an independent college counselor for students throughout the US and abroad. Those experiences, and his connections to Maine, helped him recognize the divide between those with information about the opportunities in higher education, and those without.

In 1992, he founded the nonprofit Foundation for the Advancement of Education, which later changed its name to Maine College Circle. That nonprofit effort has enabled him to commit himself and others to supporting the aspirations and educational opportunities of young students in rural Maine communities. He is convinced that it is the best path to a brighter future for the students and for the communities.

In 2005, he brought lacrosse to Guatemala and to children at the Guatemala City garbage dump, in partnership with Safe Passage.

He never got that call from the NFL, but he is the father of three, married to a retired middle school science teacher, and is an increasingly slow but still active lacrosse player and competitive runner. And, today, he lives by the ocean, with his wife . . . and a boat or two.