Empowering young Maine students to build a brighter future . . . for themselves and for their communities.


The Future of Maine Initiative
To inform and inspire early aspirations, to empower the youth
of rural Maine to build a brighter future for themselves . . .
and for their communities.

Aspirations = Dreams + Ambition + A Desire to Learn
Successful learning can take place whether or not we measure it with tests. It cannot not take place without aspirations.


Schedule of recent and upcoming workshops and ceremonies

1. College Aspirations Workshops for students in grades 3 - 6, along with accompanying posters, college lists, and on-going answers to student questions via email. For over fifteen years, these workshops have reached over 70,000 students in 119 Maine communities. Workshops discuss with students in grades 3 – 6 the following: what, where, why is college; an opportunity for absolutely everyone; 390 great college options for Maine students; 240 great college majors for Maine students; preparing for college and turning a dream into a plan; career aspirations beyond college; and the value of effort.

2. $100 College Aspirations Scholarships awarded to students in grades 3 - 6, based on an essay on college and career aspirations. Scholarships are locally-funded and redeemable upon enrollment in any post-secondary educational program or for college application or college aspirations. Over 2500 awarded in the past ten years.

3. A community scholarship ceremony to award scholarships and celebrate the recipients.
4. A VIP program to recognize scholarship recipients and other deserving applicants. VIP's will receive VIP treatment whenever they visit participating higher education institutions and will receive benefits at supporting local businesses. 

5. Distribution of "College Crosswords" and to engage students in exploration of the opportunity of higher education, with the option to participate in the Maine College Knowledge Bowl. The “Maine Word About College” monthly newsletter, written by college students and annual guide. The “College Answers” site with over 200 college questions from elementary and middle school students in Maine, answered by college students.

6. In 2018 and beyond, we will use modern technology to overcome the challenge of geographical distance by developing college and career videos, which will lead to ongoing communication and relationships between young, rural Maine students and the Maine college students and Maine professionals in these videos. This will be done in partnership with the Mitchell Institute, Bowdoin students, the McKeen Center at Bowdoin College, and the Rural Student Project in Rockland, Maine.

7. In 2018 and beyond, we will provide paid internships to past, local Future of Maine College Aspirations Scholarship recipients and Mitchell Scholars to help engage communities in their Future of Maine projects.

8. In 2018 and beyond, we will develop “Pre-Degree” curricula with Maine colleges to help young Future of Maine College Aspirations Scholarship recipients develop their skills, knowledge, and interest in their stated career of interest, on a pathway through higher education to a career they are proud of. Each grade 4 - 12 curriculum will include three grade-appropriate components: study, research, and a local connection.


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